Facebook’s new data policy

Facebook's new data policy

As we all know, Facebook is the world’s largest social network with more than 2 billion people who use it every month!.. Facebook’s new data policy was created on April 19th, 2018. Facebook has decided to deliver a few of their secrets about how they collect & use information about you.

The new policy comes in over 4,200 words. The language is supposed to be easy to process, but, still a lot of words to consume! Each word delivered by the policy helps us to undertake how Facebook turns our data into a personalized recommendation, tailored advertisements & academic research.

These types of changes occur when people are closely watching over what Facebook does. Recently, the NY Times, The UK’s Guardian& Observer newspapers advertised that millions of Facebook users data had been leaked into a Donald Trump- liked potential consulting firm called- “Cambridge Analytics”. The news revelation prompted US lawmakers to contact CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Washington DC for a two day questioning regarding why Facebook failed to safeguard as much as 87 million users privacy.

It’s so overwhelming to know the amount of information Facebook has on you! For example, Facebook has listings for what it thinks your political views are. The website has the ability to find such information from photos, videos & thoughts you post on your personal timeline. It also collects data from your interactions/ contacts with Facebook friends as well as the pages and posts you “like”.

In addition, the company gathers seven different kinds of information it takes from a phone, computer or tablet you are using. This includes data about the version of the software you are running, how low your battery is & how much storage you have left on your device. Also, Facebook can access information about devices that are connected to the same network you are on!

How does Facebook make money off me?

The number one policy from the birth of Facebook till date, -“We don’t sell your information to anyone, and we never will”. Facebook advertisements, “we will use the information we have about you- including information about your interest, actions, and connections- to select and personalize advertisements, offers and other sponsored content that we offer you”.

In other words, Facebook is the middleman connecting advertisers to you, based on the level the site has about your tastes, location and personal connections.

How long does Facebook keep my data?

That all depends, if you delete, but not deactivate, actually delete- your account, Facebook will delete your posts including photos and status updates. But, that does not include the data Facebook has about you from sources other than your profile. Ultimately, everything Facebook has learned about you from your friends, from data brokers, and from other websites, is kept for as long as the social network holds it.

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