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Bluelink- CRM
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Customer relationship Manager

 Customer Relationship Manager CRM software is a system which enables you to nurture relationships with customers and prospects to drive sales or sustain long-term profitability. As customers look for products...

May 16, 2018
BlueLink-Grow your business
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Grow Your Business

Business growth When you first started your business, naturally you would do a lot of research. In order to maintain a successful business growth, you should consult with advisors, read...

May 15, 2018
Marketing Strategy
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Marketing plan

How to create a Marketing plan Step 1: Begin with a snapshot of your company’s current situation, called a “situation analysis.” This section defines your company and its products or...

May 10, 2018
Improve my website
Improve Your Website

Methods to improve My Website

Methods to improve my website 1. Add a Value Proposition Here are 15 ways to improve your website, increase conversions, and make your guests want to visit you again! The ‘mission...

May 09, 2018

SEO Optimisation

SEO Optimisation In order to successfully optimize your search engine, it is important that you understand exactly what your keywords are in order to always be on the first page...

May 07, 2018
IPad 9.7
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IPad 9.7

Design and Quality The IPad is a slim, lightweight and portable device, easy to hold an fun to use. The device looks good, “classy”, with clean lines and a pleasing...

April 29, 2018
Interesting Facts- INSTAGRAM
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing SEO Statistics 2018 . Better content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2,000%. Google is responsible for 96% of all smartphones search traffic, & 94%...

April 29, 2018

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