7 Ways To Expand Your Business

7 Ways To Expand Your Business

What Is Business Growth?

Bunsiess growth is a simple term used to describe a process of a business. Three simple questions you need to be sure of before truly trusting you judgement. 

1. Productivity of your business?

2. Are you Customer Satisfied with the products/ services offered from your company?

3. Compare your business sales revenue in the past year from now, can you identify  growth in sales?

Growing online business in addition to your real work takes a while. You must be prepared to invest time, efforts, money and dedication. 


Important Facts The most important factor any business owner needs to remember: There is no shortcut to Business Growth success. Make sure you have a clear vision on what your objectives are and what you have to achieve. Always think strategically. It is a slow process but that is the route to success. 


Lets Get You On The Path Of Success

1. Focus On Your Niche

Whar does the term ‘niche’ mean?.. This particular keyword is all about you site. What you have to say to customers? What is the message you wouls like to deliver to your potential customers? The core idea about your site, what do you have to offer?

Once you have decided on your Niche, it is important that you focus on your thoughts. Research, find some trends, such as, Twitter, Facebook and go along with them.

2. Create Better Title For Post

– How To Write a WordPress Blog Post?

Once you have the idea of what you want to talk about, you must make sure you know exactly what you are selling to your customers. Simpe and formative is the key to a successful blog. 

Your WordPress blog post title should be Precise and Short. Your thoughts should match it accordingly.

3. Keep Post URL Short

There is no use of having a long URL, dont waste your time trying to make your website seem ‘smart’ by having a long URL. 

If you are using Yoast SEO plugin then try removing stop words from URL. 

If you are using Yoast SEO plugin then try removing stop from URL.

Go to SEO- Advanced- paramlinks

Keep setting to remove for stop words in slugs


4. Add Focus Keyboard in Title. Description, and Post Content

Focus keywords are the works those usualy are very well indexed and identified in Google Search Result Page. 

In this article, I do have two Focus Keywords.

-Business Growth

-WordPress Top Post

Focus keywords are the works those usually are very well indexed and identified in Google Search Result Page.

In this article, i do have two Focus Keywords.

– Business Growth

-WordPress Top Post

These two are the main objectives for this as post. As a blogger, you have to identify couple of Focus Keyords for your each post. `you could also find some tailored or variant Focus keywords from Google Search Page suggestions. 

5. Add Better Excerpt or Meta Description

it is essential to provide the most catchy Meta Description. The Meta Description is that Google SEO looks channels when a user types in your keyword. In order to remain on the top 10 of Google search list, the Meta Dsecription must be specific. 

6. Better Interlinking and Open Links Into New Page

My persona opinion, use at least 3 or 4 internal links into your post as it will boost your internal linking strategy and Google will understand your keywords and links better over time. 

7. Use Wisely H2, H3 tags& Add Post Into No More Than 2 Categories

H2 and H3 HTML keywords really matters to provide Google some hint about list of points in your post. 


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